Arizona Tuition Credit

Arizona Tuition Credit

Enabling Education Choice in Arizona

Enabling Education Choice in Arizona

We are Arizona Tuition Credit and we are Enabling Education Choice in Arizona.

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We are a School Tuition Organization (STO) that grants scholarships to students for K-12 private school education. Arizona Tuition Credit is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that is certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue to receive donations from individuals and corporations for dollar-for-dollar tax credits.

How does the dollar-for-dollar tax credit program work in Arizona?

Basically, if you get an Arizona State Tax refund, you will get a larger refund. On the other hand, if you owe Arizona State Taxes, you will owe less. Again, this is NOT a regular charitable contribution or standard tax deduction that only reduces your taxable income. This donation is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Here are two examples:

This same donation may also save you money on your federal taxes. Please consult your accountant or tax preparation specialist to verify your situation.

You can make a donation up until April 15, 2019 this tax year. The donation must be made prior to filing your 2018 taxes. It does not matter if you are filing an extension for your taxes. Your donation must still be made by April 15, 2019 in order for you to claim the dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your 2018 state taxes.

Invite others to donate!

We have prepared a Word document template that you can easily customize and then send out to family and friends to encourage them to donate.

Download the Word template