Arizona Tuition Credit

Arizona Tuition Credit

Donating is easy with Arizona Tuition Credit. Arizona allows taxpayers the opportunity to make donations to non-profit organizations to reduce the amount of state tax owed or increase the amount of taxpayer refund due through DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR tax credits. There is no net cost to you the donor and you can assist a school and/or a student that qualifies for financial assistance.

Donation Information

Note: You will have the opportunity to recommend a student and/or school on the following page.

Previous Donation Information

For the 2019 tax year, have you already made a donation to another School Tuition Organization (STO) for the private school tuition tax credit program?

If so, please provide information about that previous donation to the other School Tuition Organization (STO) below.

After submitting this information you will be taken to our secure payment page to complete the donation.